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It Is An Exclusive Limited Members Program Where I Help You Set Clear Business Goals, Draw A Roadmap, Set Milestones And Take Action, Achieving One Breakthrough After Another Towards Your Business And Lifestyle Goals.



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Rudo Dube

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What’s in the program:

Module 1: Entrepreneur Mindset: Success Mindset, Money Mindset.

Your success starts in your mind. We will kick off by helping you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and nurture it for business so that you have the insight to start and run multiple businesses giving you multiple streams of steady income.

Module 2: Business Foundations: Defining Your Niche, Ideal Client, Business Model.

Then we will move on to discovering the perfect niche for your new online business. We will also evaluate the volume of business in that niche, draw an avatar of a perfect client, identify their needs and what your business can do for them and develop a business model around that ideal customer so that they know you can solve their problems.

Module 3: Crafting Your Program: Identify Products Your Clients Want, How To Package And Price Them. 

In 3rd week, we will develop your business, lay the groundwork for it and take it from there, aligning it to fulfill the needs of your clients. We will also develop different price packages and offers so that you have something to offer to every class of customers.

Module 4: Sales And Income: Sale Process And Strategies.

In this module, you will learn various selling strategies that only world-class salespersons, expert influencers and trendsetters know. You will also learn how to develop a sales process so that you don’t have to keep generating leads and making them convert. We will use various tools and resources to automate the selling process and will be with you every step of the way.

Module 5. Master Marketing: Marketing Strategies, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing Etc.

Understand the professional way social media and search engines and learn how to use your time and resources to get the best ROI from your investment. You will also learn various proven content marketing and digital marketing strategies that the experts use, we will leverage that expert knowledge to make your business attain super growth super fast!

Module 6: The Launch: Step By Step Plan To Launching Like A Pro 

Learn the secrets of a successful launch, and know how top multimillionaire digital entrepreneurs launch their businesses. You will not only get the knowledge and resource kit to get it done; I will personally help you launch a business and start generating sales.

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